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Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS)

The Level I Education class consists of a PowerPoint presentation in a classroom type setting or virtual classroom setting. The class identifies some of the most commonly abused substances, explains their effects and the consequences and problems they can cause. Lecture, guided discussion, and video presentations will be utilized.

The class is usually held on a Saturday
from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
or 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Substance Abuse and Batterer’s Intervention Treatment
(Also offered in Spanish)

Clients required to complete treatment will participate in an intake appointment to determine their treatment plan. The goal for treatment is to follow the guidelines adopted in the treatment plan. The number of sessions will be determined by the needs of the client and parameters set forth by the court. Once a client completes the required treatment, a discharge plan will be followed to include regular aftercare meetings for a length of time determined by client and counselor.

Court Approved Evaluations
(Also offered in Spanish)

Completed through completion of paperwork and a questionnaire

followed by a client interview and discussion of recommendations.

Diversion and Probation Monitoring

After sentencing, the court generally requires the individual to report to a

monitor to insure the compliance with the conditions of the probation or diversion agreement. After a court hearing the individual contacts A Connecting Pointe’s Supervised Programs Monitor, Megan Waters to schedule an initial orientation appointment. They will then be required to report via telephone, virtual conference or face to face depending of the agreement with the court. 

The court will receive monthly progress reports from the monitor as part

of the conditions of the probation or diversion agreement.

Additional Programs & Services

Theft Prevention and Anger Management Classes consist of education and insight learning through PowerPoint presentation and guided discussion.

Outpatient Program (OP)

Our outpatient program continues to provide the support and tools one needs in their transition to early recovery. For a few hours a week, you’ll continue to heal and learn the necessary skills for maintaining your recovery.

Aftercare/Relapse Prevention

Just because you are well on your way to recovery doesn’t mean you’ll have to go at it alone. We’ll always be by your side, even after you leave. Our compassionate staff will continue to check in with you as you reach different milestones in your sobriety.  If life hands you something that you aren’t sure you can handle, give us a call.  We’re here to help.

The Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP)

Whether you’re just beginning or continuing the journey to recover, A Connecting Pointe’s virtual IOP program makes it easier than ever to obtain the care you need on your own terms. Our virtual IOP program meets just two nights per week and once on the weekend, for three hours per session.  Some participants receive a weekly one-on-one session with your therapist as well during your time in IOP.  In less than 10 weeks, you’ll begin the process of confronting and coming to terms with trauma and mental health issues from the inside out while learning tools to help you maintain your sobriety – all while living at home and continuing with your daily life. To learn whether VIOP could be right for you, please give us a call or submit an inquiry through our website.

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